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Tuesday, March 15

2:40pm PDT

ODL based SD-WAN Solution for Operators - Ajay Sahai, HP
The adoption of mobile & cloud tech is driving changes to the traditional hub and spoke network architecture. This is causing ripples in the telco biz managed connectivity services marketplace.With growing usage of SaaS, IaaS offerings today not all enterprise traffic stays on a managed WAN end to end. Some enterprising new entrants are promoting solutions that effectively provide an OTT solution with a BYOW (Bring Your WAN) paradigm. However the importance of reliability, which was the telco's value proposition has not decreased and adding reliability by bringing in more providers is not always practical. In this new enviroment Telco providers need to refresh their offerings – simplify addition/changes/deletions of sites, enable visibility and control of traffic. This talk will describe and demonstrate an ODL based solution that enable SD-WAN for operators.


Ajay Sahai

Head of Technical & Product Marketing, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Ajay Sahai, Head of Technical & Product Marketing for Hewlett Packard Enterprise Carrier SDN solution which helps operators virtualize their communication infrastructure. Deployed by Tier-1 operators, HPE’s Carrier-SDN solutions enables communication service providers leverage the... Read More →

Tuesday March 15, 2016 2:40pm - 3:00pm PDT
Room 203/204 Santa Clara Convention Center
Wednesday, March 16

2:40pm PDT

Application Defined E2E Security via SDN and NFV - Linda Dunbar, Huawei
Application Defined Security control is a paradigm for applications, application controllers or clients to dictate what traffic they want to receive, when to receive them and how.
With the Application Defined Security Control, networks can be “cellularized” at application/service granularity for more fine-grained and distributed security control. This approach not only allows applications to dictate what/when/where/how their traffic are delivered, but also allows the controller to place the most suitable virtual security functions at the close proximity to the application end points to fight against advanced attacks more effectively.
The ability to utilize the virtualized security functions on these granular “micro-layers” allows the establishment of comprehensive “default deny” security postures, greatly inhibiting the unwanted traffic or DoS attacks traffic.


Linda Dunbar

IETF I2NSF WG Co-ChairLeading SDN/NFV solutions for service provider networks and Cloud Data Centers. Leading industry standardization initiatives.Frequent speakers at SDN/NFV congressActive Contributor to SDN, NFV, Data Center and Cloud services related standard initiatives: IETF... Read More →

Wednesday March 16, 2016 2:40pm - 3:00pm PDT
Room 203/204 Santa Clara Convention Center

3:05pm PDT

E2E Service Slicing Platform for Application-driven Wireless Network - Ravi Ravindran & GQ Wang, Huawei
Next generation 5G network architecture is required to serve several heterogeneous applications ranging from massive M2M communication, ever increasing video media, to applications which expect very low latency (1-10ms). Further the architecture is expected to deliver better mobility and security feature to these services. Information-centric networking is being researched as new narrow waist to support heterogeneous applications as it enables a network layer based on application semantics that of names, content object based security model enabling in-network caching/computing while lending its use in both constrained IoT environments and also for large scale content distribution. In this talk, we discuss how the intersection of three emerging technologies, i.e ICN/SDN/NFV can be used to deliver very agile and programmable service-centric networking platform.

avatar for Ravi Ravindran

Ravi Ravindran

Senior Staff Reseacher, Huawei

Wednesday March 16, 2016 3:05pm - 3:25pm PDT
Room 203/204 Santa Clara Convention Center

3:30pm PDT

C/U Separated and Componentized Architecture for NFV - Dr. Mo Li, ZTE Corporation
With NFV and SDN, Telecom network will be reconstructed based on multi-tier data center has been considered by the industry as the evolution trend to achieve a scalability and flexibility when providing network service to different kind of customers.
The architecture design of NFV is very important and will determine the scalability & extensibility of the network service provision in the multi-tier data center scenario also.
In this presentation, Dr. Li Mo will share an experience of C/U separated and componentized NFV architecture design of gateway function like GGSN, SAEGW suitable for multi-tier data center. And how telecom Qos (such as inter data center reliability) is achieved in this multi-tier data center scenario.


Dr. Li Mo

ZTE Corporation
Dr. Li Mo is the Director of Technology, CTO Group, ZTE Corporation. Dr. Mo has over 20 years of experience in telecommunication industry, including extensive work in IBM, Nortel and Fujitsu, prior his joining ZTE in 2001. His current research interests include SDN, NFV, P2P network... Read More →

Wednesday March 16, 2016 3:30pm - 3:50pm PDT
Room 203/204 Santa Clara Convention Center
Thursday, March 17

2:50pm PDT

Multi-Layer Performance Based Path Computation Engine Enhancements to ONOS Controller for SD WAN Packet Optical Integration - Raghu Gangi & Mukesh Kumar, ADARA Networks & David Altstaetter, CALIENT
Cloud Computing’s evolution increasingly incorporates performance as a service primitive in conjunction with virtualization creating additional considerations for developers addressing service response time using legacy protocols for topology discovery, and forwarding; such protocols are agnostic to performance parameters required to imbue service delivery guarantees. The ONOS controller framework and ADARA Path Compute Engine (PCE) solves these industry issues via implementation of Performance Based, Automated Multilayer Path Computation. ADARA’s PCE is based dynamic network state as opposed to static parameters, enabling dynamic multilayer performance as methodology for service reachability, workload placement, load balancing, infrastructure configuration, reliability and multi-layer network virtualization with SDN Packet Optical integration. This represents a non-evolutionary advance.


David Altstaetter

Sr. Director of Product Line Management, CALIENT
David Altstaetter is Senior Director of Product Line Management; his primary focus is delivering solutions for cost effective optical switching. In this role, David is responsible for creating and managing solutions for intra-data center and inter-data center physical layer switching... Read More →

Raghu Gangi

Principal Engineer, ADARA Networks
Raghu Gangi is a Principal Engineer at ADARA Networks and leads the cloud and switching platform team.  Raghu has an extensive background in networking having held senior engineering positions at IP Infusion, Nokia, and Aricent.  He holds Masters and Bachelor’s degrees in Information... Read More →

Mukesh Kumar

ADARA Networks

Thursday March 17, 2016 2:50pm - 3:30pm PDT
Grand Ballroom E Santa Clara Convention Center

3:40pm PDT

End-to-End Orchestration of Multitier Clouds based on Software-Defined Infrastructure - Hadi Bannazadeh
We propose to speak on how end-to-end orchestration is supported in the SAVI application platform testbed. SAVI has deployed a national testbed in Canada that explores the delivery of applications across a multitier cloud that spans core datacenters, a smart edge, and virtualized customer premise edges. The SAVI management system operates over OpenStack, OpenFlow, and other resource controllers to provide IAAS in support of applications. We will describe how to use the networking services provided in SAVI (including pro-active path setup, flow store, and tunneling for legacy networks) as well as its service chaining capability to enable end-to-end deployment of applications across a three-tier cloud. We will describe applications that have been deployed and briefly demo a couple of applications.


Thursday March 17, 2016 3:40pm - 4:00pm PDT
Grand Ballroom H Santa Clara Convention Center