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Yukio Ito

After the reorganization of NTT in 1999, Yukio designed the architecture of the Transport Network of NTT Communications and introduced new technology in the Transport Network of NTT Communications.

Since June 2010, he has been in charge of engineering, construction and operation of the IP & L1, L2 backbone network in NTT Communications. He has also been in charge of the entire NTT Communications service infrastructure and introduced SDN/OpenFlow technologies into NTT communications' Business Network.

More recently, since August 2014, he has been responsible for Technology Development to strengthen cross-service technological development capability in accordance with NTT Communications'-wide business strategies.

He had been a member of the Board of the Open Networking Foundation from December 2011 to June 2015.

Since July 2015, Yukio has moved to NEC as an advisor.